Ban Guns? Ban Celebrity Pimps.

If you just want the skinny on this article – skip down to the video which shows liberal celebrities pimping for Government Power spliced with movie/TV shots of them profiting off the use of guns in their movie/TV rolls.

UPDATE 1/7/2013 – Here is the NRA list of celebrities who believe it’s okay for their asses to have armed body guards and get paid to glorify violence in the movies/TV.

I call BULLSHIT on these Hollywood Whorons and Pimps saying how horrible guns are while A) Making money off them in movies and TV – and B) Using armed security guards to protect themselves.

If they are SO fucking concerned about weapons – why have NONE of them raised their voice to demand answers about Fast & Furious – Obama and his administration arming Mexican Drug Cartels with guns and killing not only thousands by those guns but also 2 US Border Patrol Agents – Nicholas Ivie and Brian Terry.

What I KNOW to be true: In Washington DC, it’s against the law for citizens to carry guns. There is a high incidence of muggings in DC right across the Maryland line – why? People can carry in MD but not in DC; criminals know this – they cross the line and mug people, knowing they are unarmed by law.  In Chicago, where gun control is strict – it’s one of the deadliest cities & has one of the highest rate of murders by gun (and has been run by Democrats for years).  Why? High poverty rate, high unemployment rate, broken families (thanks to Government which requires the baby daddy be absent from the home to qualify for welfare)

Some of my favorite actors/actresses were in the Anti Freedom/Anti Guns commercial –  and now I shall Tweet them and ask where there outrage is over Fast & Furious and since they are Obama Pimps – why don’t they prove they are truly concerned with the impoverished and think wealth is evil and A) Sell their multi million dollar homes and live like the rest of America or B) Invite poverty ridden families to live with them and share in their good fortunes.

Twitter accounts:

Aziz Ansari (Tom from Parks & Recreation)

Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation)

If an actor/actress you thought you liked is in the Anti Freedom/Anti Gun commercial – go ahead and tweet them and ask WTF? Where’s the outrage at Fast & Furious? Where’s the outrage that 500 people were murdered in Chicago in 2012 – one of the STRICTEST gun control cities?

Mosey on over to for more info on the celeb hypocrisy…

And meanwhile, enjoy the video from Mass One: 


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