Let’s Put CynDee Royle Back On The Map!

Cyndee Royle - Journal News Reporter who provided homeowner maps to criminals.

Cyndee Royle – Journal News Reporter who provided homeowner maps to criminals.

Update 1/7/2012- Ms. Royle along with her other co-workers – have disconnected their phones and closed their Twitter and Facebook accounts. AFUCKINGAMAZING that these shit stirrers can put so many people in harms way yet they hide themselves.  But guess what? Ms. Royle is unable to hide this post from her Facebook (click to enlarge) in which some of her friends responded to her because she felt “guilty” for riding around in her little red controvertible car. So, I say, since she has no problem putting people in danger yet has cut off all her avenues of communication, how about we try to find information for Ms. Royle’s friends, maybe THEY can help us get in touch with her.

Looking for: Jamie Mummert Anderson (you can send her a message via her Facebook account – ask her how she feels about her friend CynDee Royle putting children in harms way? This includes families who OWN guns and families that don’t (because criminals now have a detailed map of who owns guns and who doesn’t.)

Eleanor Royle Williams – somehow related to CynDee – here is Eleanor’s Facebook account – send her a message too and ask her how we can now contact CynDee.

Niki Lynne Keenan – works as a teacher at The Bronx Charter School for better learning: 3740 Baychester Avenue  Bronx, NY 10466 – 718- 655-6660 Email: NKeenan@bronxbetterlearning.com

I wonder how Niki would feel if any of her students were put on the map of a criminal because CynDee Royle needed to collect a paycheck? Give the school a call (press 0 when the automated recording starts and ask the front desk for Ms. Keenan or shoot her an email at that address).

This is the problem with Media Pimps like CynDee – they are Propagandizing, IGNORANT, MALICIOUS, Pandering, Sleazeballs who screw over Americans all for a paycheck and then they say it’s in the name of “media.”

It’s really time to hold these media Pimps accountable – tell them to stop the prostitution of our Constitution and serving up liberal propaganda disguised as news.

When it comes to anything the Journal News “writes” – spit, don’t swallow.


Related Stories:  Sheriff Louis Falco from Rockland County explains on the news that prison guards are now in danger because of the map used to publicize those who chose to protect their family.

Journal News Hires Armed Guards Due To Backlash of Gun Maps

A list of (now disconnected or abandoned) phone numbers, addresses, &  social media accounts for the “journalists” of the Journal  Hypocrite News.




5 thoughts on “Let’s Put CynDee Royle Back On The Map!

  1. Thank you LF for your follow-up… Everyone of us should maintain vigilance in making sure these purveyors of Liberal Excrement are exposed and held to the same standards they hold others… Please KEEP US INFORMED OF THE ADDRESSES OF THESE FREEDOM OF THE PRESS ZEALOTS .

    • Thank you, Greg – you’re right, we all need to hold those in power accountable. I was never brave enough to serve our Country in the military, so the least I can do is serve it by using my voice.

  2. I am 100% pro-gun and a proud GOP member……BUT this is just sick. If you don’t want your name out there, don’t live in a free country where government documents are public record. The only people really put in danger are the people who work for the paper. Don’t you all think it is a little sick that folks are talking about stalking and harassing these people? This is the most hypocritical and bizarre effort by my party ever.

    • Which is exactly why “your party” is being destroyed. You don’t fight back. You allow the left to run all over you. Sorry, I’m fighting for my freedom in the ring, not on the sidelines.

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