Lena Dunham: Poop and Politics

In case you missed it, Lena Dunham appeared on the Golden Globes sitting in a bathroom stall, eating cake. Later on, she would win an award for her show on HBO, Girls; it’s like a sex in the city but instead of women working it’s about liberal women living off their parents and wondering why their lives suck and blaming everyone but the person in the mirror.

Dunham cam under scrutiny because the first season of Girls was an all white cast. Dunham later defended herself, saying she was writing from what she knew – and apparently, growing up and going to prestigious schools there was either no black people OR she (of the liberal WE LOVE EVERYONE) mentality just didn’t seek to include black people in her “circle.”

Of course, the liberal media gave her a pass…but imagine is a Conservative had said “Blacks just didn’t fit in my elitist upbringing.”

Judd Apatow is a good friend (Lena gushes about him so much, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a future show where Lena is masturbating to Judd eating Matzo Balls from her jewgina) – and as someone who has seen (and mostly loved) Apatow’s comedies, I realized that Judd doesn’t seem to have many minorities in his films.

So, it seems there is this liberal Hollywood that is appears to be SO CONCERNED with fairness (yet they get paid millions of dollar for 3 weeks of work and our soldiers get hundreds of dollars for years of work)  and helping minorities, yet, under Democrat power – black people not only continue to suffer, but are suffering even greater.

Liberal Hollywood: OHMYGOD – WE CARE ABOUT CHILDREN! TAKE GUNS AWAY FROM LAW ABIDING CITIZENS! Yet almost 1,800 black babies are aborted DAILY (hey, it’s a women’s choice, right!) And Hollywood will gladly make a movie filled with violence if it means padding their bank account.

Lena did a commercial for Obama – urging women to vote for him “lose your voter virginity to a man like Obama!”

Yes, and, in typical fashion, Obama is like a typical player: all full of promises and flowers until he’s fucked you, and then he walks out the door, leaving you with a dirty sheets and wondering how the fuck you could have been so stupid!

EXAMPLE: Obama signed Lily Ledbetter Bill – yet women in the Whitehouse get paid 18% less than men.

And as for how women are faring in the Obama economy: Since Obama Took Office, The Unemployment Rate For Women Has Increased From 7.0 Percent To 8.1 Percent. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 4/6/12)
Since The Stimulus Was Passed, The Unemployment Rate For Women Has Increased From 7.3 Percent To 8.1 Percent. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 4/6/12)
Since Obama Took Office, The Number Of Female Employees Has Declined By 683,000. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 4/6/12)
Since Obama Took Office, The Number Of Women Unemployed Has Increased From 5,005,000 To 5,863,000. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 4/6/12)
In March 2012 The Number Of Women Employed Fell By 82,000. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 4/6/12)
The Female Labor Force Participation Rate Fell In March From 57.9 Percent To 57.7 Percent. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 4/6/12)

The poverty rate among women rose to 14.5 percent last year, up from 13.9 percent in 2009—the highest rate in 17 years. The “extreme poverty rate” among women was the highest ever recorded, climbing to 6.3 percent in 2010 from 5.9 percent in 2009

Obama has given millions to the Muslim Brotherhood – you know – those guys who don’t believe women should be seen or heard; have no right to vote nor attend school.

And then, of course, let’s look at the fact Obama threw Hillary and Susan Rice under the bus when it came to Benghazi and the fact that his inner circle is made up of men, with the one exception of Valerie Jarrett.

Ah, but Lena Dunham doesn’t give a shit. As long as she continues to make money and attract fame: she’ll pretend she cares about those less fortunate, when in fact, all she is doing it assuring there is less competition and making sure her foothold into the elitist vault of money and fame is safe and secure. She left out a major “Thank You” when accepting her Golden Globe award.

She should have thanked the media for spinning her into the next best thing since Honey Boo Boo – and she should have got on her pudgy knees and thanked the millions of whorons too stupid to realize they’re being screwed by people promising to help them – to build them up: yet the only building up goes into the bank account of those who are exploiting the less fortunate.

Ironic these days is that we have a country freaking about “crazy, over the top people” who are obviously looking for attention when they go into a movie theater and shoot up people or into a school and kill children…

Yet we lavish praise and ratings and money on those who lie about doping (Lance Armstrong) or lie about virtual girlfriends (Manti Te’o) or sit in bathroom stalls naked eating cake –

And yet, we continue to praise crazy and flock to it and embrace it – and when it kills people, we seek to punish the sane people who follow the law and arm themselves to protect their families against those who are truly crazy.

It’s about time we take America back, people. It’s about time we return to the UNITED States of America – and eject those who seek to divide us and turn us against each other (that’s a hockey metaphor, because, hey…HOCKEY IS BACK!).

Time to smarten up America. Time to say no to Hollywood and Media and Politicians who think their “cray cray” is acceptable as long as it pads THEIR bank accounts.

It’s time we realize everyone deserves a chance to be wildly successful, not just the libs who give nothing more than lip service to social issues while they fill out their bank deposit slips (paging Al Gore…paging Warren Buffett, paging John Corzine).

When it comes to politics, media, and Hollywood, remember people, Spit…don’t swallow.




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