Mika Brzezinksi, Joe’s Doughnuts, & Benghazi

I DVR Morning Joe in the hopes I can shed some light on why on earth people continue to follow the Democrat party even though they demean women, enslave people to welfare, demean the wealthy yet they drive around in BMW’s & jump through ever tax loophole available, care more about criminal’s rights than victim rights, and freak out about water boarding but are totally cool with Americans’ being killed by Drones.

Anyway. I digress.

It’s always good to watch Main Stream Media to get a sense of how they are filtering the news – and on Monday, Morning Joe opened with OH MY GOD ON MARCH 1st THERE WILL BE TERRIBLE CUTS TO PROGRAMS AND THE UNITED STATES WILL COLLAPSE AND EVEN THOUGH THIS CAME AT OBAMA’s SUGGESTION: IT IS THE GOP’s FAULT!

And also, Mika freaked out because Joe was eating Munchkin doughnuts and not his Greek Yogurt. Which inspired me to create a new Mika video.




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