Doylestown Patch Promotes Liberal Group Think

James Boyle - Liberally Biased  Editor The Patch; a community online newspaper.

Great idea.

There is a local Patch in almost every community and the difference between  printed newspaper and The Patch is the Patch is free (for now!), and offers a  friendly vibe – often focusing on local businesses and people in your community.

I live in an area of Bucks County, Pa that is swarming with OBAMA bumper stickers (and an increasing number of boarded up businesses). After appearing on the cover of Bucks Magazine  noted for being a spirited red lioness in a sea of blue sheep, Sarah Larson, editor of the Doylestown Patch contacted me and asked me to consider submitting stories on The Patch in order to give voice to “the other side.”

In a day and age where liberal propaganda flows from Time Magazine, to the Main Stream News, to the New York Times, it gave me hope that perhaps there were still journalists and editors who actually follow the  principles of journalism— truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability.

I published a few controversial posts (controversial only because my voice is different from those that surround me) and, of course, was hammered with rude comments. Do the rude comments bother me? Nah. I believe in the Constitution – Free Speech. You have a right to think I’m an idiot and you have a right to call me an idiot. Those who scream for moderated comments are, in actuality, asking for limits on free speech. Those who throw around the term “Political Correctness”  like Obama throws money at Green Energy pals (that usually go bankrupt),  use their self-righteous complaints to camouflage their spineless, weak-mind, humorless, self-absorbed persona. They can’t handle  adversity and  they disrespect freedom of others.

Sarah Larson left the Patch in March of 2013 and James Boyle took over as editor. On the question and answer  bio page, answers the question “How would you describe your political beliefs?”

“My liberal beliefs are pretty well known to the people around me. The common mantra is that liberals only want more government. My take is that I don’t want more, I just want the government we have to work properly. Government and the private sector need to maintain a good balance, because the country cannot succeed without either side functioning properly. That being said, I don’t filter everything I see to fit within that philosophy. I love a good debate and never enter into one thinking I know everything there is to know about any certain topic.”

“Are you registered with a certain party?”

“I am a registered Democrat.””

I recently wrote a blog for The Doylestown Patch  about the disappearance of the language “right to possess firearms” on government documents and though it was posted, it was buried. Like I said, usually my political posts were featured when Sarah Larson was the editor; a gesture that the Patch was trying to give equal voice to political beliefs.

The featured blogs since I posted my blog about the disappearance of right to possess arms;

Corbett Ultrasound Comment Still Making Waves:

Republican Governor Corbett  was slammed in this blog post for making a flub in 2012 and the Liberal Advocate Author Eric Boehm wrote:  “GOP candidates’ tendency to flub, gaff and flail their way through.”

Let us not forget, Eric, that Obama stated he was tired from visiting the 57 states. Or: “No, no. I have been practicing…I bowled a 129. It’s like — it was like Special Olympics, or something.” –making an off-hand joke during an appearance on “The Tonight Show.” – Or how about the Cambridge police acting “stupidly.”  OR: “On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience here today.”

And Biden? Well, there’s at least a week worth’s of blogs.

Other stories “featured” in the Patch:  $729,900 Home in Fox Hunt Estates Among Weekend Open Houses , The Philadelphia 76ers Are One Sorry Franchise , Autism Fundraiser, Women Who Rock and the Pajama Game This Weekend

I noticed a few typos and contacted Mr. Boyle on 4/13/13. No response. I sent him a new email on 4/14/2013 – no response.

Miss Larson was always quick to respond to me, which, perhaps, I didn’t appreciate as much as I should have, I simply thought speedy response was part of the job as editor.

James Boyle is going to be added to my Whoron list – because, unfortunately, he’s proven he fits the weasel, hypcorite, moron  definition.

Weasel: Using the Patch to promote his liberal ideals.

Hypocrite: The Patch states “We hope that the knowledge that your  (Mr. Boyles) beliefs are on the record will cause you (Mr. Boyle) to be ever mindful to write, report and edit in a fair, balanced way.

Moron: Willfully ignoring a different point of view. (I thought Liberals were the “tolerant” party?)

Thank you, Liberals, for trying to bury and ignore those who offer an individual voice; it only re-affirms that ethics in journalism is dead, the erosion of our Constitutional right to freedom of speech, and it propels spirited individuals like myself to exercise my Independence, exercise my voice on a daily basis.

You will not silence my spirit.

update: after posting this, Mr. Boyle finally responded to my email and stated: “The typos are fixed.”

This tells me one of two things:

A) He was finally compelled to respond because of this article (and/or tweet) – OR –

B) He hasn’t yet read my blog and if that is the case – the fact he could only bring himself to write 4 words (not even a Sincerely, Best, or any closing remark) is further proof that Boyle is prejudiced due to my Independent nature and ability to think outside the collective liberal brain.



4 thoughts on “Doylestown Patch Promotes Liberal Group Think

  1. Hello Laura,

    I am also conservative in thinking but do realize that we all the right to say what we feel and express our beliefs. Patch is a good news source for our community, however, I do not think Jim Boyle is presenting his particular beliefs by the way of using Patch. I know there are certain content quotas to fill that the editors are required to meet. That being said, continue to post your thoughts but realize that there are many other news worthy stories that deem higher priority than political opinions from time to time.

    • Appreciate your comment, Iggy. I think the removal of our Constitutional Rights trumps open houses and year old mis-steps by Governor Corbett and have watched stories being spun with a liberal pen for the past month. Since reading the Patch from it’s inception, it’s obvious Sarah Larson is no longer the Doylestown Editor.

      • While it is beyond my comprehension how Obama got elected again with the majority vote, I think people are not putting politicis on the forefront of their agenda. However, I have many times asked for those on his team to tell me why they thought another four years was going to a positive one, have not heard a response yet. Personally, I no longer listen to TV news and find my interests more geared to what is going on in my community. I saw this train wreck coming early on in his presidency and took personal responsibiltiy to ensure the minimal impact on what I have worked hard for. Life is short and time is precious, and I prefer to spend it enjoying things rather than worrying about the slant the left puts out there in our press. People who have determination and the know how will succeed in life despite our goverments inability to use common sense.

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