When Your Boss Asks For Your Facebook Password…(How CISPA Threatens Our Independence)

You Don't Know JackImagine you’ve just settled in at your desk with that first cup of coffee; you open your email and there is an URGENT email from the CEO.

MEMO – from “The CEO”

To: All Employees – Effective immediately, (after the passage of CISPA or (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act )) – we have the legal right to ask for and receive your social media passwords.  I am directing you to forward your passwords for Facebook and any other social media sites you belong to. In the interest of national security.



The Skinny on CISPA:

What is it? A bill sponsored by Republican Mike Rogers (According to opensecrets.org, Rogers’ Pac received $103,000 from 12 companies that have lobbied for Cispa ) alleged to “protect” the United States from cyber attacks at the expense of personal freedom and privacy. Under this bill, your boss will legally have the right to request and receive your Facebook password.

Google, Yahoo, and the tech industry in general support CISPA  – (they benefit because they’re granted immunity from prosecution when sharing customers information).

Companies including SAIC, a defense contractor, Lockheed Martin, AT&T and Time Warner Cable have lobbied for the bill and contributed funds to the political action committee of Mike Rogers.

Between January and March of 2013, Rogers’s campaign account was fattened by $21,000 in contributions from corporations and lobbyists that benefit from CISPA, such as telecom companies, cyber-security firms, and defense contractors. This adds to the $321,600 that money-in-politics tracking website MapLight reports Rogers has received over his career from interest groups supporting CISPA.

There are 19 State Representatives that represent  Pennsylvania in the United States congress, and ALL but 4 passed HR 624 (see the list at the end of this post) The most noticeable is that Democrat Representative Allyson Schwartz, who is now running for Governor , received almost half a million dollars for  her YES vote, according to MapLight.com

CISPA threatens our Constitutional Rights for freedom of speech (Amendment 1) as well as freedom from illegal search and seizure (amendment 4).

Exercise Your Independence: View the bill at OpenCongress.org and use that website to send an email to your legislatures. Calling them, however, is the best method to really make your voice heard & count. Send them tweets, post on their Facebook  whatever you do, exercise your voice while you still have the power.

NAY D Brady, Robert PA 1st
NAY D Fattah, Chaka PA 2nd
YEA R Kelly, Mike PA 3rd
YEA R Perry, Scott PA 4th
YEA R Thompson, Glenn PA 5th
YEA R Gerlach, Jim PA 6th
YEA R Meehan, Patrick PA 7th
YEA R Fitzpatrick, Michael PA 8th
YEA R Shuster, Bill PA 9th
YEA R Marino, Tom PA 10th
YEA R Barletta, Lou PA 11th
YEA R Rothfus, Keith PA 12th
YEA D Schwartz, Allyson PA 13th
NAY D Doyle, Mike PA 14th
YEA R Dent, Charles PA 15th
YEA R Pitts, Joseph PA 16th
NAY D Cartwright, Matthew PA 17th
YEA R Murphy, Tim PA 18th



2 thoughts on “When Your Boss Asks For Your Facebook Password…(How CISPA Threatens Our Independence)

  1. So glad that this little gem was not voted upon in the senate. More of our rights have been lost on “the war on terror”. Personally I am sick of it.

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