Leanne Hecht Bearden Dead. Charlie Parker Moron?

Leanne Hecht Bearden was found. She is dead. She was found less than a mile from the house she disappeared from. Police state that they did not search the area because her husband had said he had already searched it.
She is not off “finding herself” as her husband gave as a possible reason for her “sudden” disappearance. She was not trying to re-invent herself as Charlie “GumShoe” “Hey, I starred in the movie IMPOSTER” Parker concluded.

The Short Story: – After arriving back in USA in December, 2013 (couple had taken 2 year honeymoon around the world) Joshua Bearden reported his wife missing on January 17th. Leanne and Josh had stayed with her family in December 2013 and then went to Texas (where she went missing as reported by news outlets, after they had an argument…hmmm) Joshua stated Leanne was having a difficult time adjusting to life. The family hired Charlie “Gumshoe” Parker and after examining the couples shared computer, P.I. Parker concluded she had ran away. Parker took to Twitter saying “We’re coming for you Leanne!”

After watching the movie “Imposter” in which Charlie Parker “starred” – I was quite positive this case was doomed from the start and after a few hours of research on Parker, Leanne’s family, the social media sites set up for Leanne, and watching (with growing horror) the comments Leanne’s husband made on the Facebook Page devoted to finding Leanne, it didn’t take a someone with half a brain (yes, I have just half, I admit it, but my half is obviously far greater than some really empty heads running around the world) to figure out that Leanne’s family had been duped.

Long Story –
Joshua Bearden told police Leanne had left for a walk, that she was having trouble adjusting to life back in the states. He told everyone this. Repeatedly.
Enter Charlie Parker, PI. Some guy who worked in the lumber business but (20 years ago) became a “volunteer” investigator (kinda like community policing) and he and a group of people got together to try to “solve” missing people cases. Charlie has a Twitter Account, and in his timeline, he would tweet all about the movie “Imposter” and articles that swooned over him.
I watched it. HOLY SHIT PEOPLE, this movie is EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD. It is the TRUE story of a family that is duped by a FRENCH brown eyed black haired dude Frederic Bourdin, passing himself off as a blue eyed blonde hair abducted 13 year old boy named Nicholas Barclay. Not only is the FAMILY duped, but the government is duped. How. Can. People. Be. So. Fucking. Naïve.
Because they want to believe. It’s quite that simple. People don’t want to be wrong. It’s an ego thing. And we are wired to think anything is possible (if not – why would we attempt to do things that seem impossible, like climb in a huge machine and “fly” like a bird). And in America, we have fostered the idea that criminals are somehow victims and “be nice to criminals – they have feelings too!” Oh. Really?
Anyway. It only took minutes before Charlie Parker really grated on my nerves. It was clear Charlie was all about Charlie. “I did this, I did that…I’m the smartest person aliveeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
There’s a great quote you should memorize (well, I’m not telling you WHAT to do, I don’t work for the government, so I’m merely suggesting) – “The more he talked about what an honorable man he was, the faster we counted our silverware.”
If you don’t know what that means, please make a donation to Anita Charity – she is makes a living through generous giving.
Oh Boy. And then, after the French Criminal was exposed (Charlie wasn’t the first guy that made the connection, if you read old articles, specifically the article by Nick Davies, you’ll discover other people had been questioning but the movie paints Charlie as the smartest PI aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) the criminal told Charlie and the Govt. Official that the FAMILY had murdered the boy (Nicholas Barclay) he was pretending to be. And Charlie believed the criminal. He actually took a shovel and started digging in the house the family had lived in, SURE he would find the missing boy’s body. (He did not).
I could not believe what the family had gone through, and now, here is Charlie and the government official trying to claim that the mother murdered her son!
What. The. Fuck.
In the movie, Imposter, Charlie claims it was Bourdin’s ears that made him realize he was NOT Nicholas Barclay. Because “something I learned by watching Scotland Yard movies.”
Buttttttt, when I did some research on Charlie, I found that Nick Davies articles from 1998 in which Charlie claims it was the boys eye color that tipped him off.
So, somehow between 1998 and the making of Imposter, the story changed.
I don’t know why…maybe ears seems to be a bit more ‘educated’ than realizing eye color doesn’t match. However, as anyone in the wrestling and boxing world will testify to, ear shape can change. So, put that in your PI pipe and smoke it, Charlie.
Charlie Parker’s website is a joke. It is old and clunky. There are a few “Missing” cases that boast “SOLVED!” but they never say exactly how they were solved or who solved them. And then when I researched a few of those cases, it became clear that one of the cases was solved because a serial killer admitted to it after he was caught. Charlie Parker had NOTHING to do with the closure of that case.
After Charlie Parker was hired to investigate Leanne’s disappearance, he came to the conclusion (after examining the SHARED laptop computer of Leanne and Joshua) that Leanne had left on her own and was trying to escape. The Leanne Bearden Facebook page went from her family pleading for help to find her, to pleading with Leanne to come home – because they, too, were duped by not so brainy Community Sluice GumShoe Charlie.
Charlie tweeted about going to homeless shelters looking for Leanne. Coming home with heavy heart when he didn’t find her.
Given the absolute horrid website design; that Charlie believed the lies of a serial fraudster, and his education in PI work comes directly from Scotland Yard tips he’s picked up over the years, I knew it would probably be very easy for Josh to play the grieving husband and, being a “shared” computer, it would be very easy to create a internet “history” of researching how to run away from your own life, and then planting that seed in Charlie’s head, and in Leanne’s family.
No one wants to believe that a husband is capable of killing his wife. People don’t want to see the truth that is staring at them (see the movie Imposter – Netflix). We truly want to believe the best in people. But that’s exactly how people become victims, and how people get away with…well, murder.
I wish people would start truly caring about their community – because if they did, they wouldn’t allow crooks, frauds, bullshit artists (or, as I like to say, Whorons) to prey or exploit their friends, their neighbors, their family.
I don’t believe Charlie Parker is purposefully evil. He certainly is not slick (see Obama for definition of slick). I think Charlie really does want to think he is doing good. But I also think Charlie continues to profit from a moment in his past (long, long ago), and because of this, he gave false hope to the Hecht family and friends of Leanne.

Let’s wake up, people. If it smells like shit, and taste like shit, it’s certainly NOT bacon.
If you truly value community and want to protect our each other, it’s time to stop making excuses for the crooks, the frauds, the fuckers, and start making noise.
Put the predators on Notice.
Leanne Bearden was a victim not only of a murderer (her own hand or someone else), but also of a (my opinion) an incompetent Private Investigator. Leanne’s friends (the Hecht side) are also victims – pointed in many different directions (the clue is in who did the pointing) and they should NOT be blamed for picking up the “she escaped her life” narrative and running with it. (We all want to believe the best case scenario).

The Garden Ridge Police department released a statement that Leanne hung herself.
Well Ok.
This is coming from a police department that searched 23 miles but somehow failed to search a property less than a mile away.
From a police department that ruled out the husband almost immediately (and took his word he searched the area).

“You do not know Joshua Bearden! He could never ever hurt anyone,” A family member had stated.

To which I would reply…”But didn’t you also state that Leanne would never ever leave her family so abruptly?”

So you see…one of these statements must be false.

Anyway, it’s sad, it’s tragic, but the reason for this blog post comes back to Charlie Parker – and how easy it is for people to be duped. The Barclay family was duped by a habitual criminal. Charlie Parker was duped by the criminal. Charlie Parker dupes desperate people. And either Leanne Bearden duped her family or Joshua Bearden did.

Lessons to learn: 1. If you’re going to commit suicide, leave a fucking note – send it in the fucking mail so your fucking family doesn’t get blamed for it and your family doesn’t go bat shit crazy.

2. Don’t hire a Private Investigator that tweets what he is doing.

update: 2/17/14 – The Facebook page for Leanne has been since been deleted.


2 thoughts on “Leanne Hecht Bearden Dead. Charlie Parker Moron?

  1. I agree with you something was wrong with her husband he did look very different in his new photos. Also how much did this trip cost how was it paid for.Were the prospects of payiing back the credit card assuming hopelessness. Did Leanne have a history of depression what was going on prior to the argument.. It is interesting that the place of her death was so close to his parents assuming he lied and never even checked it out. All that time was wasted searching obscure places for she was dead within hours after that walk. What is her husbands profile check his computer there is something very fishy about this story and i hope the truth will be given to us. Also i wrote to that facebook and my thoughts were erased the public was presented with facts and changes like she left on her own as though someone was writing these descriptions to manipulate the news stories who did those manipulations come from? Tell us Josh the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  2. The imposter Doc won BAFTA, grand Prize Miami film festival, grand Prize Toronto , grand Prize Zurich and Dozens of other awards such as critics choice . Rated five stars on Rotten Tomatos. You damn right I was proud of it and still talked about it on Twitter. We knew Leanne was possibly dead from the start. She told her husband she was going to commit suicide. She took clothes line with her. We did what we could to keep the search alive. Nick Davies was told about the ears and chose to write different. Cases I have solved have been featured three times on Americas Most Wanted. I am proud of my work. My mistake was blocking Laura From my Twitter sight for her foul mouth slander against my name. As you can tell she is some what angry with me. My attorneys have been trying to find her for six months.

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