Lazy Criminals Targeting Democrats – AKA: Liberal Looting

When your bumper sticker and voter registration makes you an easy target for violence…


Next time you see a person climbing out of a car with an “Obama” sticker plastered on it (ever notice those cars are often top of the line cars? You’d think they’d drive clunkers since they are keen on everyone being treated the same and that signs of wealth are vulgar!) – you might want to warn them about the new crime wave targeted at Democrats.


Liberal Looting According to an anonymous source in the Philadelphia Police Department, criminals are following cars with Obama and/or Democrat (Pro-abortion, Global Warming Is Real, Hillary 2016, , etc.) stickers on cars, knowing that the owners of the car don’t own guns and the only self defense they know is to cower behind the couch and scream, “Take Everything!!”

 The Philly cop said they initially called it “Liberal Looting” – but they are starting to notice a pattern of violence and think it may have escalated as a sort of hazing into the gang(s) (targeting Democrats).

 There are also (allegedly) crime waves occurring in the suburbs of Montgomery and Bucks County of registered Democrats. Crafty Criminals  are circulating voter registration logs. Cops think it began with the drug addicted thug of an Organizing for America (Obama’s “grassroots’ volunteer organization) copying the list (ALL political parties keep and work off the county voter registration rolls). It soon became known that Democrats were the easiest targets and required the least effort.

 I have to admit – there is a part of me that wanted to remain silent and allow the anti-cop; pro criminal, anti self-protection; pro-big-govt afflicted Democrats to learn the importance of the second amendment – but then I would feel guilty if that old white haired man driving his Audi was beaten and robbed because I let him drive around with his Obama/Biden 2013 sticker leading criminals to his house like a beacon in a fog light. Or like Miley Cyrus to a bag of blow.


Please pass this information on to the Democrats Driving In Cars and leave it up to them if they want to scrape off the stickers on their cars. Or to re-register Independent.

If they care about their family as much as they care about making a political statement, they’ll put the safety of their family first.  If not, well, I can go to sleep at night warning them they were the perfect targets for criminals.  

 Irony Alert: Democrats have fostered a culture of being lazy; rewards without work – and now even criminals have found shortcuts for less work, more stuff!





One thought on “Lazy Criminals Targeting Democrats – AKA: Liberal Looting

  1. I would show liberals, no mercy, those commie Socialists are out to destroy America.Liberalism has infected America, they want to dumb down as many sheeple as they can.Political correctness, and common core education, is part of the dumbing down plan, make the people dumb,eliminate critical thinking.liberalism must be stamped out of existence, or all of us are doomed!

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