Cutter’s Mill Sold to Concord Pet Foods

I loved Cutter’s Mill.

I say “loved” because Cutter’s Mill has been sold to Concord.

The odd thing is, I didn’t know this until about a week ago when I popped in and the store was re-arranged (so frustrating. Seriously. Wegman’s seems to have a really hard time keeping things in the same spot and I find this so annoying). There seemed to be this odd vibe (seriously, not making that up!) and I realized I hadn’t seen any “coupons” in my email for quite some time. Also, the area usually filled with inexpensive chews was empty. The empty bins did have price tags, however, and they were far more expensive.

When I went to checkout, I wasn’t asked if I had a Cutter’s Mill card. I mentioned that I hadn’t been receiving coupons and that’s when I was informed Cutter’s Mill had been sold to a company called “Concord.”

I was kinda devastated.  

The coupons have disappeared with promises that “our prices will be lower.”

I haven’t seen the lower prices yet, though the Chalfont employees tell me it’s because their computers are the last to be “upgraded” and we will ‘soon see lower prices.’

The last time we were there, we weren’t asked to “round up” and donate the extra to the SPCA. I generally HATE being asked for donations (I can’t seem to shop anywhere w/o being asked to round up or donate a dollar to help someone, something… (ever notice that the CEO’s of these non-profits make like, almost half a million dollars?) – HOWEVER- I never ever mind being asked to donate and always round up for the SPCA. What can I say – I love animals – generally, they have no ulterior motives. They want to be fed and loved – I’m down with that!

I’ve noticed my favorite employees have been MIA but don’t know if it’s just bad timing (when I shop they are off) or if they’ve been let go or perhaps moved on to different (hopefully better) options.

But, it’s really not even about the prices or the layout. It’s about the general spirit of the store. It doesn’t seem to be as welcoming, as friendly. Cutter’s Mill wasn’t just a store, it was a shopping experience. Concord just feels like a plain ol’ store.

Oh, AND Cutter’s Mill had a fabulous return policy. Now, with Concord, you can only return for a store credit.

I am so bummed. I’m going to give it another month or so, but judging from all the complaints on the facebook page, it seems like Concord says “We want to listen to customers and keep all the things they loved about Cutter’s Mill” but what they say and what they do don’t jive.

A very sad goodbye and thank you to Cutter’s Mill. You are missed.


This is video from a few years ago at Cutter’s Mill when we surprised Katie with a new puppy. We had dropped off the puppy and Rich had made a tag that read “this dog belongs to Katie.” When we dropped in to go shopping, we were admiring the cute puppy and Rich asked Katie to hold him. Then Katie read the puppy’s tag. She later said she couldn’t believe this adorable puppy was actually part of our family (however, she quickly changed his name from Bob to Jack!). 


14 thoughts on “Cutter’s Mill Sold to Concord Pet Foods

  1. Hi Laura,
    I was startled to find this out yesterday when I went in there to refill on certain treats of rmy dog. I had not been in there for a little over 2 months now. (I tend to stock up on things and limit my shopping trips). I was startled by the whole experience. Some weird vibe was going on in the Cherry Hill store. I found what I needed, and no, the prices are exactly the same. It wasn’t until the register and my saying I did not have my card with me that I heard the news. Then the teenager behind the counter does the “rounding off for the SPCA” spiel and that really turned me off. I give a lot of money to various animal causes and don’t appreciate this “guilt you into giving more”. At least at Petsmart, the card reader asks if you want to include a dollar, not the counter person. I have never trusted that this money is actually making it to the animals anyway.

    I used to use Concord when I lived in DE from 2001 to 2004. I appreciated them over Petsmart back then, but they are pretty run of the mill. The attitude I encountered yesterday was run of the mill as well. I think my biggest takeaway from yesterday was, I’m tired of buying into the spirit of something only to have it bought up inevitably and the passion gone.

    I’ll give Concord a “wait and see” if they really uphold the tradition of Cutter’s Mill or just turn it into a cookie cutter Concord yawn store. In researching what happened and when, I see they intend to rebrand all of the stores with the Concord name.

  2. Hi Laura, John, Katie, and Jack,

    I just wanted to drop you a quick note since I didn’t really get the opportunity to say good-bye when I decided to leave Cutter’s in August. It was time to move on and I’m much happier at my new job (same industry, different chain, better position).

    I miss you guys and all the wonderful customers that made my 4+ years at Cutter’s so dang enjoyable. Being a part of Katie & Jack’s special day was such blast, something I’ll remember forever.

    Watching the decline of the store has been heart-breaking. I really hoped that when I left, they would be able to continue on with the same level of service that my team and I had worked so hard to create – you said it best, it wasn’t “just a store, it was a shopping experience”. That was our goal every day and now is something I try to impart to all the Store Managers I work with at my new company.

    Maybe someday, we’ll meet again, in the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy your posts – even the ones that involve you singing!!

    Miss you guys,

    • Rich!
      We have been wondering about you so much. So glad you found this – thank you for all your time at Cutter’s Mill – we miss you! Best of luck in your new venture! I’m sure if you bring your same spirit and caring your customers will feel as lucky as we did. Thank you for reading. I can not be held responsible for any hearing loss you may be suffering.
      Much much much luck and happiness!!
      We miss you too!

  3. I cant believe I have found this page! Laura, I echo your thoughts and had the EXACT same experience on learning about the switch to Concord.

    I also echo your thoughts on Rich and the team there- to be honest, my first clue that something was different when I went in was that I recognized NONE of the people and no one greeted me…and I didn’t just used to get greeted as a someone walking into a store b/c I was a customer, I got greeted in the way you greet someone you know or are very familiar with.

    Rich you will probably never see this, but I drove from Perkasie to shop at your store, then moved to Furlong and still made the drive before the 202 bypass made it easy. Your team spent countless visits helping me with food for my 2 allergy ridden labs – I even emailed the company about you guys b/c I was so impressed that associates that young had the knowledge they had about the products. I went out of my way often just to go to Cutter’s Mill. You always knew my last name to pull my card before I even got to the register!

    I have since lost both of my boys, but have a new rescue and am looking to transition him to a better quality food than what he came with. I found this b/c I just searched for the Chalfont phone number, but am not thrilled with the change and am dragging my feet on going there…

    At any rate, nice to hear it wasn’t just me, and nice to hear that Rich left for better opportunities…now if we just knew where that was 😉

    • mim,
      It’s not at all the same. We buy special food for our dogs and they sell it and it’s close, so we still buy there, however, I never look forward to going. I don’t stay and linger and look at toys and biscuits, etc. We go in, we go out.
      Good luck with your new rescue!!
      Sorry about your labs (they are the best!!!).
      We need more people like Rich and his crew. If you find a similar store to the experience that was Cutter’s Mill, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

      • Laura, let me first say, I perused your blog and you fucking rock lady! You are my kind of chick…and I didn’t think any of us actually existed in Doylestown!

        Have you tried Life on the Leash on state street? My fabulous pet sitter has a grooming salon there, so I checked out the store and the owner Victoria is great! She has very high quality, organic food and not heavily overpriced for Dtown. She is super knowledgeable too – although I will only talk to her b/c I got burnt by one of her sales assoc when she was on vaca.

        I found a great food I transitioned my boy to, but now it doesn’t seem to be available in a large bag – or online, so I am heading to Pet Valu in Dtown today to try and find a new food.

      • Mim-
        Thank you. I’m a bit quirky for sure. I’ve been to Life on Leash – just a bit expensive but Victoria is really super sweet. If I won the lottery I would spend some serious cash there! What kind of a rescue did you get? You can always email me at if you ever want to meet for coffee or dogwalking! I’m recovering from surgery so it’ll be awhile for the dog walking. I can’t believe how much I miss it!

    • Mim,
      Rich will see this! I’ll send it to him! : ) Rich moved to Pet Valu and it a traveling DM, he id no longer working in stores.

      -Kaylah (The redheaded, former assistant manager at CM)

  4. Kaylah! I remember you as well! Hope you are well and have found a good place also. Funny, Pet Valu in Dtown is where I was going to try next…

    • I don’t think he has that one. He has the one in Hatboro (in the Shop Rite and Lowes) and I think that is the closest one to you.
      I married last August! In January I lost my job in the CM office. Went back to school, finally graduated, moved to AZ, and started a dog walking company (last week!) ! Life is good!

      • Kaylah,
        YAY!!!!! I can totally see you as the most awesome dogwalker EVER!! Your clients are very lucky. There is always a silver lining…too bad you didn’t still live here because I’d hire you right now! Much much luck in Arizona. I’d sure appreciate the weather there come winter time. Please tell Rich that I said hello!!

  5. Laura, I copied your email address…if you are in need of dog walking while recovering, the company I use is fantastic! Its Pugs and Kisses Pet Care out of Dtown – Caitlin Kucsan is the owner. I have used them for 5 yr+ now since we lived in Perkasie…now back in Dtown, but she is really a great girl and I have loved every one of her employees…trust my babies to them completely.

    Bodi is a lab mix. We were not expecting to get another so soon after losing Kodi (yes, name coincidence!) but the stars aligned and we ended up with the bestest boy evah!

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