Amazon Flushing Conservative Author Reviews?

To recap: Amazon deleted then blocked my reviews. After I took Amazon’s censorship public on Social Media, they said they were going to reinstate my reviews and reviewing privileges. However, reviews were still missing.

I contacted an author of a book I was sure I had reviewed some time ago – but was missing from my reviews: Dr.  Brian Anse Patrick. Dr. Patrick wrote 10 Commandments of Propaganda. I explained the situation and wondered if he kept copies of his reviews and had a copy of my review.

I have never talked to Dr. Patrick before (however, I’ve always meant to write him an appreciation letter…along with David Mamet!) and was thrilled when he responded.

He explained he does not keep copies of reviews, but does keep track of the number of reviews and notices when new reviews arrive. He stated after my letter, he checked Amazon and noticed there were a few new reviews his book, but the number of reviews are the same, pointing to the fact that some prior reviews could have been flushed by Amazon.

My reviews that are missing and Amazon refuses to repost:

Stonewalled – Sharyl Attkinson (posted on 2/1/15)

The Cave and the Light – Arthur Herman (posted on 2/1/15)

How to Debate Leftist and Win posted on (2/1/15) (Ben Shapiro)

Also missing 100 Essential Thinkers by Philip Stokes which I left one star on because it was Pro-Marxist and had I known that, I would not have bought it.  This review posted in December and had angry comments directed at  me (didn’t bother me but find it interesting that this book was included in the reviews Amazon flushed).

And of course, 10 Commandments of Propaganda by Brian Anse Patrick. Not sure when I posted but pretty sure it was quite a-while ago.

I gave all these books (which were verified purchases) 5 stars and great reviews, with the exception of the book that promoted Marxist (Collective) Philosophers.

If you’re a reviewer, keep copies of your reviews (I suggest publishing them to a free blog site so you’ll have a public copy of them). And if you’re an author, keep a copy of your reviews  and check them from time to time.  Regardless of political affiliation. Regardless of the product you review or sell.

“When the world is overloaded with information, it becomes important to know who to trust.” Amazon has made it obvious to me, you can’t trust them.


2 thoughts on “Amazon Flushing Conservative Author Reviews?

  1. Reblogged this on lidsamy and commented:
    It’s very simple. Review the book, deny Amazon the review, blog it yourself and tweet it. If Amazon is dependent upon reviews, starve them out of existence.

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