Joan Walsh – Co-Pimp of Al Sharpton

On 5/6, I tweeted to Joan Walsh, contributor to Slate Magazine that we should drape Joan in bacon and drop her off at the Isis hotel.  My tweet was in response to her defending Islamic terrorists who tried to kill at a free speech event and her war cry that women are abused at the hands of the conservatives.

She retweeted my tweet.

Since Joan Walsh is all about telling everyone that whites are responsible for all evil and that she is behind the minority struggle, I asked her if she believed Iasha Rivers (who worked for the National Action Network) deserved what she got at the hands of a white elite liberal man or was she on Al Sharpton’s white payroll?

She didn’t retweet or respond to that, of course. Because why shame a white civil rights lawyer and bring justice to a black woman? Because she is a hypocrite, as they all are, exploiting the very people they pretend to represent.

A twitter account by the name of @antsyward favorited my tweet to Joan Walsh.

This twitter account is followed by 2 people.

Alyson Ward, writer for the Houston Chronicle (according to her twitter account) @AlysonWard and it’s followed by @PoliticsNation – the twitter account for Reverend Al Sharpton show on MSNBC.

I’ve been tweeting about Iasha Rivers story for months. Wrote blogs on it.


Yes I mention it to Joan Walsh and within an hour, it’s caught the attention of Al Sharpton.

This tells confirms something we’ve all known all along…

Joan Walsh, Al Sharpton, Slate, and the liberal media all use minorities to stir up hate – they get rich off of making people angry, confused.

They lead people to believe that they are nothing without their help. They make people believe they need someone to protect them, because they are too stupid to make correct choices.

They are the root cause of decay of character, confidence, and courage. And without those three values, people lose their quest for independence, and doubt their self value and self worth.

That’s exactly how pimps operate.  sharpton sharpton1


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