New Science – The New Excuse For Being A Douche!


Here we go again with the New Science. It’s the trend word. The New Excuse for douche baggery. I’m not responsible for my irresponsible actions, science is!

A few months ago I read a book called “The Ghost In My Brain – How A Concussion Stole My Life and How The New Science of Brain Plasticity Helped Me Get It Back” (say that 5 times without taking a breath and a new car will appear in your driveway!). 

The book was written by a professor, Clark Elliot,  who basically claimed that an invisible injury was responsible for him being an inconsiderate human being and mostly absent father. 

For YEARS no one could find anything wrong with Clark…doctor after doctor, test after test. Till one day, NEW SCIENCE said, “Hmm, so no one can find any reason why you’re a douche bag? Put on these “special scientific glasses” on and THEN – TADA!!!! “You have an invisible injury!”

If I was told I had an invisible problem,  you know what I would say? “Do you accept invisible cash?”

The Ghost In My Brain is a perfect example of The Science Illusion  (and how it undermines our character and Independence) as outlined in the book Something That Will Change Your Life  . 

Anyway; here is my Amazon Review (in case it goes missing): “Wow. This is horrible. A real PT Barnum book.

Honestly, it sounds like the author has alot of personal problems and he used his accident as an excuse to get away with bad behavoir and as a way to get attention from people (victim mentality).
For YEARS he went to every type of doctor who could find nothing despite many many tests.
Then found a doctor who said, “Oh Yes, though we can’t physically find anything, you have an INVISIBLE problem.”
He worked with this doctor and over time, became better…
You don’t have to have a PhD to realize what happened….a ‘doctor’ finally legitimatized Elliot’s irresponsible behavior (and you, too, for a low low price of 200.00 can have the doctor diagnose YOUR invisible escapist excuses so you, too, can live the life of a victim!).
When Elliot finally had ‘attention’ – he became better (because he felt he was finally being valued).
Ugh. Please. Please, don’t waste your money. Or time. If you want a TRUE story of overcoming obstacles, read Viktor Frankl’s “Mans Search For

A woman named “Cynthia” who, if I remember correctly was one of the scientists who worked with Clark, left a comment today that reads: It would appear that someone legitimized his invisible disability, however, neuroscientists concur that CT scans and MRIs do not pick up all damage, particularly if it does not involve bruising, bleeding, etc. That does not mean the person does not have a traumatic brain injury. Often they are diagnosed by the person’s expressed symptoms as they cannot be picked up in the tests we currently use. I know people who have had the same experience. I have not read the book but am responding to your comments. Unfortunately, you are not the only person who disbelieves these invisible injuries. This attitude of disbelief traumatizes people with brain injuries. Invisible disabilities are very real.
 Does anyone even see the irony here? INVISIBLE IS REAL. So, let me get this straight, atheists argue that New Science is real and will save us, but religious people are crazy for believing in Jesus because he can’t be proven (ie: he’s invisible).

My father was diagnosed with ALS at age 48 and died by age 50. He refused to use a cane for as long as he could. He was often laughed at or people thought he was drunk because he would stagger. He. Never. Once. COMPLAINED. He is a true testament to a warrior attitude and not allowing anyone INCLUDING his disease to make him a victim.

I don’t need to “talk” to the author as someone suggested.  I’ve experienced the depths of sadness and the remarkability of human spirit despite the worst circumstances. I know I will never have the fortitude in the face of tragedy that my father did, but my god, he gave me something to strive for. 

“Religion gives people a reason to be hopeful.
Science gives people a reason to be irresponsible.
Independence gives people a reason to be honorable.” – Something That Will Change Your Life – Moxie Will 

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