Laura Freed - Not A Zombie.

Contact me @ laurafreed@gmail.com 

The only thing I take seriously is Freedom. And Bacon.

 I am a Misfit Optimist. A Publicist for Happiness. A Guardian of Goodshit. 

I  help people get clued not screwed: happiness is up to you. (Seriously)

I believe: 

Value of self is the key to happiness.  

I believe that happiness comes from freedom. Freedom comes from Courage, and Courage comes from believing in yourself (see how that circle works?)

I believe that exploiters are replacing our backbones with wishbones and selling salvation in order to disempower us and create a culture of dependency.  

I believe we’ve confused leaders with deceivers. 

I believe we live in the most powerful time in history where we can be HEARD and not HERD. 

I believe if we wake up, stand up, and speak up, we will succeed wildly and have a hell of a great time as we pursue happiness while protecting each other. 


My Religion is The Golden Rule. 

My Seven Truths: 

 1. Stupidity (apathy/ignorance) limits opportunity; awareness limits the opportunists.

 2. He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither

 3. The Only Free Cheese is In A Mousetrap

 4. Keep It Simple – unless you want to confuse and disempower people, then make it as complicated as possible.

5.The Pursuit of Happiness, not Helplessness.  

6. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

7. You teach people how to treat you

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One thought on “About

  1. Hello Laura, I noticed your comments on twitter tonight. We have the same sense of humor. And it seems were at the same point in life about politics. And I believe your from Philly? I am also, Maybe we can do something like Skinny chic and fat man politics? lol I will be following you, on twitter not in philly,lol have a wonderful night. Also your hot as a skinny or fat chic:):) C ya

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