Exercise Your Voice

This  is why THEY are getting fat…and by they, I mean Politicians.  And by FAT, I mean their bank accounts. They are zooming around in luxurious cars while you worry if your car is going to pass state inspection or while you try to squeeze the mileage out of your 5 year old car.  They are living lavishly – spending 500 on haircuts while you sit in the discount hair salon. So many rules! So many bills! It’s overwhelming. It’s like dropping a 4 year old in the middle of Disney World and telling her to find her way out.

They waste your money by pretending to solve a problem with a new program. Those new programs? 385.000 dollars of tax payer money to study the penis’s of Ducks! (just ONE example)

You can find more examples here: Citizens Against Government Waste 

If you’re just starting to  wake up & “shape up” (exercising your Independence) – the best way to start is to find out who represents your area.

Step one: start with your local politics. Example, I live in Chalfont and I had to Google “Chalfont  PA Government” Which led me to http://www.chalfontborough.com/borough-government/about.aspx –

Step two: Get to know your STATE Representative.  Every state has a state legislature, which works with its respective governor (think of the Governor as the President of the your state and the representatives do in your state what the Congress does for the President of the United States (supposed to keep him in check and be the mouth pieces for the State)  in creating laws and setting public policy. Every state except Nebraska has a bicameral (two-chamber) legislature — Nebraska has a unicameral (one-chamber) legislature. Most states refer to their upper chamber as the State Senate, and their lower chamber as House of Representatives, House of Delegates, State Assembly, or General Assembly.Many similarities exist between Congress and the state legislatures: They both represent and serve their constituents, work with executive leaders to pass laws, stand for election at regular intervals, and receive their power from a state constitution. More info click here.  Here is a link to find out who represents you in both the House and Senate of your STATE Legislature. Google “state legislature for (put the state you live in).  Example: I Googled: “State Legislature for PA and it returned several websites that I could simply put in my zipcode and it not only told me who my State Representatives are, but also how they voted!

Step three: Get to know your United States Representatives.  Also known as Congress. The following sites will not only tell you who they are, but also how they voted and upcoming bills. Take a look at them and then pick the one that you find easiest to navigate and check it daily. Remember, a few minutes a day getting CLUED will stop you from getting SCREWED.

Heritage Action 

GovTrack.US – Most excellent resource! Just type in your zip code to find out who is representing you in Congress. Then you can click on your Rep’s name, and it will show you what bills they voted for, what committees  they sit on, if they vote with their party or stray from it… You can also use this site to read what bills are being presented and voted on (wayyyy too many!).

And this site: Open Congress . You can view the bills and if you like/dislike them, it will draft a letter for you and send it to your Representatives with one simple click. I’ve used it and I’ve gotten responses from my Reps’ – so I know it works!

Both websites are free, though they do kindly ask for donations, and I feel if you take advantage of them, a donation is a good thing to keep these going!

The Calendars:

Are they working today? Click here for the 2013  U. S. Senate Legislation Calendar

Click here for the 2013 US House of Representative Legislation Calendar

http://votesmart.org/ – find your voting district  and see how your Representatives have voted.


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