Obama To Talk At Rodon Hatfield, Pa

Obama will be visiting a local company owned by Joel Glickman.

On Friday, November 30, he’ll be at the Rodon manufacturing facility; 2800 Sterling Drive in Hatfield.

Mr Glickman, according to stories, keeps his manufacturing in the USA.

But if Obama is such a cheerleader for the USA – why did Obama make Jeff Immelt  (CEO of G.E.) the President of his jobs council? GE hasn’t paid taxes and ships jobs to China! Can you say total HYPOCRISY?

Is Obama still on the campaign trail? Why isn’t he in Washington “rolling up his sleeves” to bring both sides together in regards to the “looming fiscal cliff…”

Why? Because he’s all about photo ops – not hard work.

Instead of tackling Entitlements, he’d rather start class warfare and rage against the wealthy. Dis-unity causes people to be angry and look for a solution – and then Obama promises to be that “solution.”

Oh yes, taxing the 2% will keep pay Washington’s bills – for 8 whole days. Wowza.

Obama is no different than Bush when it comes to crony capitalism. Bush was about banks & finance – and Obama puts all tax payer money into Green Companies owned by big Obama bundlers/donaters.

Hey, at least Bush put money into companies that are still around – unlike Obama who has wasted billions on bankrupt green companies. Here are the top 15 Bankrupt (that OUR money went to financing thanks to Obama) …

Coach Andy Reid and Obama are total failures who continue in a position of power because people refuse to acknowldege reality,they follow blindly and continue to believe in luck.

Believing  Obama will lead this Country into prosperity is about as smart as believing Andy Reid will lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl.